How Caffeine Can Make You Look Ten Years Younger

Most people associate caffeine with the cup of coffee that gets them moving each morning and don't realise that caffeine is also a secret weapon when it comes to beauty. Caffeine can do all sorts of wonders to help rejuvenate and smooth the skin, both on the body and the face. Read on to find out 4 great ways to incorporate coffee into your skincare routine so that you can turn back the hands of time and look younger and fresher!

1. Reduce unsightly cellulite

2008 study conducted at the University of São Paulo determined that caffeine can be effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Researchers applied skin cream containing caffeine to cellulite and found the size of cellulite fat cells was reduced by 17%. This is because caffeine works to dehydrate fatty cells, which results in the water disappearing from the skin's surface. So, don't just save those caffeine creams for your face--share the love with the rest of your body and your thighs will thank you!

2. Banish dark circles and puffiness

Most eye creams that promise to rid you of dark circles and under-eye bags contain caffeine. This is again because of caffeine's dehydrating properties; it dehydrates and constricts blood vessels, making the undereye area look less puffy. As people get older, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner, so blood vessels under the eyes are easier to see. As caffeine works to constrict these, dark circles instantly look less intense.

Although this is a temporary fix, if you feel like your under-eye baggage is getting you down, consider an eye cream that contains caffeine, or simply apply tea bags to your under-eye area each morning when you wake up. Five minutes on each eye will do the job, and you'll look like you've had at least eight hours sleep.

3. Brighten your face

Coffee grounds work wonderfully as an exfoliator, so don't throw your grounds away after your morning cup of java. Instead, make your own facial scrub at home by adding some of the freshly used coffee grounds to your favourite facial cleanser and apply to the skin. Be sure to massage the grounds gently into the skin as they can be abrasive. Exfoliating the skin leads to a brighter, fresher complexion and can help prevent clogged pores and soften fine lines. 

4. Even out your skin

Caffeine possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties, so any caffeine in your skincare products will reduce swelling or redness in your skin. As one attribute of youth is an even skin tone, having skin that is depuffed and free of redness will mean you instantly look ten years younger!