How To Choose The Right Salon For Your Nails

Whether you regularly have your nails manicured or you are thinking about having gel or acrylic nails applied for the first time, it is important that you choose the right salon to suit your needs and your budget. With so many nail salons and professionals available, it can be a challenge to know where to start. Get the decision wrong and you could be throwing away good money and could also risk damage to your nails that could otherwise have been avoided. 

Ask Friends For Recommendations

Possibly the most reliable source for your research is the experiences of your friends and family. If you have friends who have their nails done regularly, a word of mouth recommendation can be worth its weight in gold and will help you to avoid using the wrong nail technician. 

Look To Social Media For Inspiration

Many salons advertise their range of services over social media. It's the perfect platform as it allows for photographs to be uploaded easily and for clients and potential clients to get in touch. Search for local salons in your area and browse their Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Those with lots of photos and positive comments are likely to offer you the best service. Once you find a good salon, you can return time and time again with confidence. Many salons also offer other services alongside their nails services, including waxing, pedicures and massage. Many salons also feature reviews on their Facebook pages, so look for the salons with not only five star reviews, but also detailed comments about the type of service received. 

Visit A Salon Before You Book

You can only learn so much by speaking to friends or researching a salon online. When you consider that new nails can be quite an expensive treatment, it might be worth going one step further in your quest to find the right salon. By visiting a salon before you have your nails done, you can get a good idea of how the establishment treats their customers, who goes there and their pricing. Some salons will require you to arrange an appointment for nails, while others prefer to work with walk-ins. Ask for a nail technician to give you some recommendations on designs or nail techniques that will look best or suit your type of nail the best. Everybody has unique nails, and so it's worth asking a professional for their advice.