Unique Benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy

Working long hours without rest can take a toll on your body and, in extreme cases, expose you to potential injuries. It is the reason you should seek massage therapy periodically if your job is physically demanding. Unlike other types of massages, remedial massage therapy is focused and more specific since therapists use specific soft tissue muscle manipulation techniques to target damaged, knotted, tense or immobile muscles. While remedial massage therapy shares some common benefits with other massage types, some are more unique. You are unlikely to know the benefits if you have only received Thai or Swedish massage therapy. This article highlights the unique benefits of remedial massage therapy.

Releases Chronic Patterns of Tension

Chronic muscle pain, mainly located in the back, can be debilitating and prevent you from performing at your best. Since the pain keeps reoccurring, it becomes difficult to concentrate on your work because you never know when the sharp, excruciating pain will start or how long it will last. While other types of massages are designed to help you relax, remedial massage therapy is deliberate and focuses on releasing chronic patterns of muscle tension. Professional massage therapists achieve results by applying deep pressure and slow strokes on painful areas. Targeting deep layers of contracted muscles helps break down patterns of tension and pain.

Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

Your body constantly produces wastes and toxins, which accumulate within tissues like muscles. However, lymphatic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, can cause the buildup of toxin-containing lymphatic fluid in the muscles, leading to acute and chronic pains. Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system requires a lot of muscle manipulation to eliminate lymph fluids via lymph vessels. This is where remedial massage therapy beats other forms of massages because it targets the exact location of lymphatic vessels in the affected muscles, stimulating the movement of toxic fluids away from the tissues. It might explain why therapists recommend remedial massage therapy to people experiencing digestive problems, lymphedema, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and migraine episodes.

Restores Muscle Elasticity

Severe muscle injuries, such as tears, can take quite a long time to heal, and when they do, the scar tissue can cause some mobility problems. The reason is that the body does not know how to arrange collagen cells post-injury; hence, they clump together, causing muscles to lose their structure and elasticity. By using deep, firm pressure that is characteristic of remedial massage therapy, a therapist can gradually break down collagen fibres in scar tissue. Over time, scar tissue disappears since pressure from deep tissue massage help rearrange collagen fibres within muscles. Therefore, regular remedial massage therapy will see your muscles regain their elasticity.

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