The Different Types of Injectables You Can Choose For Your Spa Treatment

An unpleasant fact that you have to come to terms with is that you cannot stop time from progressing. And as you advance in years, you may feel like each passing year is elevating a distinct mark on your appearance, especially your skin. From crow's feet around your eyes to sagging skin on your hands, you eventually begin to look your age. Nonetheless, you do not have to stay disgruntled with your appearance. Read More 

How To Choose The Right Salon For Your Nails

Whether you regularly have your nails manicured or you are thinking about having gel or acrylic nails applied for the first time, it is important that you choose the right salon to suit your needs and your budget. With so many nail salons and professionals available, it can be a challenge to know where to start. Get the decision wrong and you could be throwing away good money and could also risk damage to your nails that could otherwise have been avoided. Read More 

Skin Treatments: Considerations When Purchasing a Moisturiser

Skin care is often an overlooked aspect for some people, especially if they do not suffer from skin ailments, such as acne, blackheads and more. However, neglecting the health of your skin will eventually lead to it losing its soft and supple appearance. Other than ensuring that you sufficiently hydrate your body on a daily basis, you should also ensure that your skin is receiving adequate moisturisation. You may assume that going for routine spa treatments will keep your skin attractive, but the reality is to achieve and maintain healthy skin, you will have to be proactive. Read More 

How Caffeine Can Make You Look Ten Years Younger

Most people associate caffeine with the cup of coffee that gets them moving each morning and don't realise that caffeine is also a secret weapon when it comes to beauty. Caffeine can do all sorts of wonders to help rejuvenate and smooth the skin, both on the body and the face. Read on to find out 4 great ways to incorporate coffee into your skincare routine so that you can turn back the hands of time and look younger and fresher! Read More